Review Policy


Have a book (or books) you're looking to get buzz about? Look no further as I would love to have the chance to help you out!

I accept books that meet the following criteria:

~ May be published through a publisher or self-published.
~ May be under the following genres: Upper YA/New Adult, YA (I read just about every sub-genre in YA), Adult (Any but I particularly adore chick-lit, contemporary, and Urban Fantasy/Paranormal)

I will accept e-book requests. As for formats, MOBI or EPUB is preferred, but I will take PDFs.

When sending me a review request, please include a summary and any other pertinent information. 


Also, I do not guarantee a review for each book received, nor do I accept every review request I get. 

Other than that, feel free to send an email to (or fill out the email form below) with info about your book(s). I look forward to hearing from you.

NOTE: Do to my hiatus form 2013-2017, I have an incredibly huge TBR pile, and am selecting books on a seldom, case-by-case  basis. 


I have had over 199,347 unique visitors from December 2008 to August 2013. I have about 2,000 to 3,000 per month when updated frequently.*

I have had over 300,744 pageviews from December 2008 to August 2012 with about 4,000 to 6,000 a month when updated frequently.*

I currently have 1,563 followers, 232 subscribers via bloglovin, and around 1,835 subscribers via Feedburner. *

I have been posting since June 2008 with about 5-11 posts per week.

I also would like to add that every review of mine not only gets posted here on Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf but on my Goodreads account (where I've amassed over 1,600 friends/followers) and on my Amazon account (where I am ranked as 3,863 according to the Top Reviewer Rank and have over 700 helpful review votes ).*

I currently have over 1,700 followers on Twitter.* 

My Klout score is currently at 45.*

Note: Due to my hiatus, all of these statistics are sort of up in the air right now, I'll update them as I get a more steady approximation. 

Contact Me!

FTC Disclosure:

Most of the books reviewed here on Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf have been sent to me by publishers or authors in exchange for a honest review. I would also like to state by saying this that not at any time have I received money for posting my thoughts on a book. Lastly, when a book has been received for review it will always say under the 'source' portion of my review that it has.

Oh, and one last thing, when posting links to author websites, youtube, amazon, goodreads, etc. I am not receiving any time money by doing so.

* All stats with * are from August 2013.
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