Review: Little Forevers by Katie Kaleski

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Phoebe likes Gage, but there’s a problem—he’s her brother’s best friend.

For three months, Phoebe Bautista goes to stay with her dad’s family. As she tries to find her place and navigate the rocky relationship with her half-siblings whom she’s never met before, she begins to spend time playing music with her brother, Oliver, along with his best friend, Gage.

Gage is cute, smart, has selective mutism, and makes Phoebe’s heart skip a beat, but she knows she has to fight her feelings for him, so she doesn’t ruin her growing bond with Oliver. But the more time the three of them spend together, the harder it becomes to ignore what she feels for Gage, especially when she learns he might like her too.

And with her dad pretending everything’s fine, the fact that she might never belong anywhere, and knowing that she only has so much time with her new family, Phoebe might not make it out with her heart intact.

I'm always on the hunt for a good YA contemporary (seriously, if you ever any suggestions, suggest them!) so when I caught wind of Katie Kaleski's Little Forevers, I knew I had to read it! Also, I was having serious cover love over the cover. Isn't it gorgeous? As it turns out, Little Forevers was a great YA contemporary. Containing likable characters, swoon worthy romance, and an addictive plot, Little Forevers contains so many aspects you can't help but utterly love!  

One of my favorite aspects of this book was the characters. 

My favorite out of the entire assortment would have to be Phoebe, the main protagonist. Phoebe is the typical teen. She doesn't know what she wants to do with her life when she graduates. She has a hobby that she loves but her mother hates. She has family drama. From the first page, I was captured by Phoebe's voice. It was honest as well as realistic. I enjoyed watching her come to peace with her new family. When the book begins she views them as just a stepping stone until she can return home, but as the book progresses, she begins to see that they may be what she's have been missing all along. Besides Phoebe, I loved Gage. Gage was such an interesting guy as well as fully lovable. He has his own big issue in being partially mute, but there's so much more to him than that. He's a great friend, an awesome bandmate, and wickedly smart. I loved the fact that Phoebe was able to get Gage out of his shell, and in turn, he also helped her find what she enjoyed and loved in life. They were an incredibly cute couple to say the least. In addition to Gage and Phoebe, I loved Phoebe's family. They were also so unique and brought a lot to the table regarding not only great one-liners but heart. 

Little Forevers is at its heart a coming-of-age story. It introduces an interesting storyline - daughter from an extramarital affair moves in with her dad's family that only learned of the affair and child years after the fact. Katie Kaleski did a great of making this storyline realistic but never too overly dramatic. Over the course of the book, Phoebe goes through the motions of having a new family, one containing a two brothers and a sister who have a lot of hate as well as hurt over what she means to their family. In the beginning, the transition is somewhat rough - her older brother Oliver gives her a particularly hard time - but as the book progressed, Phoebe becomes one with the family, she becomes the girl her sister can talk to her late at night, the supporter her brother Oliver so desperately needs, and the extra daughter her stepmom can love and make embarrassing but good natured gifts for. I just loved the family dynamic here. There was so many horrible ways this could go - with them not accepting Phoebe or making her life a living hell - but instead, they work together and make the best of the situation albeit with a few hiccups. It was so wonderful to see the progress that was made by the end, and the bond between the siblings? Untouchable! 

As mentioned above, the romance this was swoon worthy. There was so much tension between Gage and Phoebe that made the page almost melt at times. However, what I loved the most about their romance was that it wasn't insta-love; instead, it developed naturally as time went on. Additionally, I liked how while it did cause some drama towards the end, the drama never become Romeo and Juliet esque. 

Perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen and Jennifer Echols, Little Forevers is sure to make some forever fans.  Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun. :) 

Grade: A-

Little Forevers is now out!

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Cover Reveal: The Third Kiss by Kat Colmer

Today, I'm excited to help spread the word about the cover reveal for Kat Colmer's The Third Kiss. This book sounds FANTASTIC, and I can't wait to read it! 


Let us know what you think of the cover for The Third Kiss (Love's Mortal Coil, #1) by Kat Colmer, which releases August 7, 2017!

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About The Third Kiss (Love's Mortal Coil, #1):

Love curses don’t exist. At least that’s what Jonas, master of the meaningless hookup, tells himself when a letter warns him he’s an Eros Guardian cursed to endure a test of true love or forever be alone. His levelheaded longtime friend Cora figures it’s a revenge prank by an ex. The way Jonas stamps each girlfriend with a weeklong use-by date, it serves him right. But when an impulsive kiss between the two friends reveals potential for more, Cora becomes the target of the Groth Maar: demons sent to wipe out the Eros Guardian line. And suddenly the curse becomes dangerously real. Breaking the curse means Jonas’s biggest challenge yet. Failure guarantees Cora’s death. But success may cost him his own life…and the loss of his carefully guarded heart to the one girl far too sensible to fall for him.

Want to read more? Pre-order your copy of The Third Kiss (Love's Mortal Coil, #1) by Kat Colmer today!

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About Kat Colmer:
Kat Colmer is a Sydney-based author and teacher librarian. She has won several writing awards, including the Romance Writers of Australia 2014 First Kiss contest as well as the Romance Writers of America 2015 On the Far Side contest for her debut Young Adult Paranormal Romance. Her New Adult short story, For the Love of Gnomes, won the Romance Writers of Australia annual Little Gems short story competition in 2015 and is published in the anthology Peridot, along with her Young Adult short story Sweet Bombe Alaska. Her middle grade tale, Change of Heart, inspired by her son’s open heart surgery, is published in the New South Wales School Magazine, Touchdown. Kat is a member of the New South Wales Writers’ Centre and the Romance Writers of Australia. She has a Bachelor of Arts with a Diploma of Education as well as a Master of Education in Teacher Librarianship and loves working with teens and young adults. Having spent a significant portion of her childhood in Germany, Kat speaks fluent German and is looking forward to the day she’ll be able to read one of her novels in Deutsch. When not writing or teaching, Kat enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.


I LOVE the cover! However, I may be a bit biased since purple is one of my favorite colors. Let me know what you think in the comments! :) 

Blog Tour: Fatal Threat by Marie Force

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Summary/Cover Image from Publisher's Website
It's just another day at the office for Washington Metro Police lieutenant Sam Holland when a body surfaces off the shores of the Anacostia River. But before Sam can sink her teeth into the new case, Secret Service agents seize her from the crime scene.

A threat has been made against her family, but nobody will tell her anything—including the whereabouts of her husband, Vice President Nick Cappuano. This isn't the first time the couple's lives have been at risk, but when a bombshell from Sam's past returns to haunt her, she can't help but wonder if there's a connection.

With a ruthless killer out for vengeance, and Nick struggling to maintain his reputation after secrets from his own past are revealed, Sam works to tie the threat to a murder that can't possibly be a coincidence. And she has to get it done before her husband's career is irrevocably damaged…

I'll let you guys into a secret of mine: I absolutely love crime drama/ thriller TV shows. Criminal Minds, Bones, Body of Proof, Rizzoli and Isles? I'm obsessed with all of them! Because of this, I've been on the hunt lately for some good thriller reads because, quite simply, I cannot resist a good mystery. Therefore, when Marie Force's Fatal Threat, her latest addition of to the Fatal Series, landed on my radar, I immediately added it to the top of my TBR pile. Luckily,  Fatal Threat provided just what I was craving: suspense, humor, and just the right amount of swoon-worthy romance.

While this is the eleventh book in the series, it was actually my first. Initially, I was a little worried I would have a hard time following but thankfully it turned out to be an non-issue! It was incredibly easy to jump right into Sam and Nick's story - I felt like I've known them forever!

Sam is the kind of main character I can't help but love and root for. She's the ultimate bad a$$: fierce, loyal, and protective. I admired not only her need to do anything to protect the ones she loves but also put her own life (and sometimes sanity) on line in order to do so. Throughout the book, she gets into so many crazy, heart stopping situations, and no matter what occurred, she always managed to give the bad guys a good run for their money! My favorite quality of hers, though, was actually her willingness to always speak her mind, even if it sometimes got in her trouble. Basically, she sometimes has the case of foot-in-mouth disease, but don't we all sometimes?  It caused for some good laughs at times, especially when reading about her interactions with her partner. In addition, to Sam there was a cast of characters I came to love over the course of the book - her family, her partner, her fellow co-workers at police statin, her friends....every single one added something great to the story. I'm excited to go back and read the previous books so I can learn more about them all!

The plot of this in one word? SUSPENSEFUL! During the entirety of the book, I was on the edge of my seat, dying to know more and also coming up with my own theories as to who the bad guys were. In Fatal Threat, we get the privilege of not one but TWO mysteries: the mysterious floater and the threat to the Sam's family. Both were well-devoleped and intertwined nicely into the story. Just when you thought they weren't going to make headway on one case, a real shocker would come through! I also enjoyed the romance between Nick and Sam. They're such an adorable couple, and I loved seeing them interact with each other. They're both strong headed and slightly (okay, maybe incredibly impulsive in Sam's case) but at the end of the day they're a great team!

In all, Fatal Threat was a wonderful, fast paced read; however, be prepared for the ending. It's a real jaw-dropper! Lastly, while this may be my first book by Marie Force, it certainly won't be my last! I'm super excited to read her back catalogue.

Grade: B+ 

Fatal Threat (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads) will be released July 25th!

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About the Author: 
Marie Force is the New York Times, USA TODAY and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of more than forty contemporary romances, including the Fatal Series. Sixteen of her books have been New York Times bestsellers and she recently recorded her five millionth career sale. Find out more about Marie and her books at MarieForce.com.

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